Toronto Divorce Lawyer Advising Clients on Inheritance Issues

Questions and disputes around inheritances and other significant gifts from family members often arise during separation and divorce, particularly when the division of property process begins. Inheritance issues are rarely straightforward and can become a serious point of contention between former spouses.

Navigating challenging inheritance matters following the breakdown of a marriage is best done with the assistance of a knowledgeable family lawyer with experience in related wills and estates matters.

Mark Feigenbaum brings many years of litigation, corporate law, tax law, estate law, and accounting experience to family law disputes, including disputes over inheritances. With Mark’s proactive guidance, you can protect yourself, your children, and your assets.  Mark’s goal is to help you move forward following the breakdown of your marriage while retaining as much financial stability as possible.

Common Questions About How Inheritances Are Treated During Divorce

Questions and considerations about what will happen to inheritances or major gifts during divorce include:

  • Can my parents exclude my spouse from their will?
  • Will my spouse be entitled to half of my inheritance?
  • What happens if our matrimonial home was a gift from my parents?
  • What if we used an inheritance to place a down payment on our matrimonial home?
  • What if my inheritance was used to remodel or renovate our matrimonial home?
  • Should I pay off a mortgage with an inheritance if I am getting divorced?
  • What effect will an inheritance have on child support or spousal support?
  • Will my children be entitled to any part of my spouse’s inheritance?
  • What happens to my inheritance when my common-law relationship ends?

Keeping an inheritance separate from other marital assets can be important for a variety of reasons and motivations. Successfully doing so, or successfully challenging a spouse who wishes to do so, will require careful and proactive planning and guidance from a family lawyer with significant tax, accounting, and financial knowledge.

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