Toronto Litigation Lawyer Representing Clients in Corporate and Commercial Disputes

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or professional with a practice, a legal dispute stemming from your business can rapidly devastate your venture and quickly erode your years of hard work.

If you own a business or are a lawyer, accountant, dentist, doctor, or other professional with a practice, and are involved in a corporate commercial dispute, it is imperative to consult with a lawyer who understands the specific risks that you face. Mark Feigenbaum is uniquely suited to provide legal guidance and strategic advice in precisely these situations.

Corporate Commercial Lawyer with Hands-On Experience

Prior to forming his law firm, Mark Feigenbaum worked in accounting, tax, and management positions in entertainment, retail, manufacturing and public accounting. He brings this unique perspective and experience to his legal practice.

As a business-owner himself, Mark understands where the areas of most significant legal and financial risk lie for entrepreneurs and those running a practice. He combines this tax and business knowledge with his experience advising clients on corporate and commercial matters to provide thorough, multi-disciplinary advice and exceptional risk management.

How Can Mark Feigenbaum Help

Mark Feigenbaum regularly assists entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations of various sizes and across various sectors in Canada and the U.S. with issues stemming from corporate/commercial disputes including:

  • Tax disputes;
  • Contracts;
  • Trademarks and copyrights;
  • Endorsement Agreements and sponsorship.

Toronto Corporate Commercial Lawyer Representing Clients in Litigation

If you are involved in a corporate commercial dispute or any related litigation, contact Mark Feigenbaum for exceptional representation and guidance. Mark’s many years of interdisciplinary knowledge in law, accounting, and finance and significant cross-border tax experience make him uniquely positioned to protect you, your business, and your assets. Contact Mark online or call him at (905) 695-1269 or toll-free at (877) 275-4792 to book a consultation.