Toronto Tax Lawyer Representing Clients in Tax Disputes

A primary focus of Mark Feigenbaum is on U.S. and Canadian tax law, particularly on cross-border tax disputes. Mark has significant experience advising clients on complex tax matters and in litigating any disputes that may arise in both jurisdictions. Mark’s deep proficiency and knowledge of the tax systems of both countries provide him with a distinct advantage when advocating on behalf of clients, and has allowed him to develop strategic, creative solutions that professionals with familiarity in only one jurisdiction may not recognize.

How Can Mark Feigenbaum Help

Mark regularly represents clients and has achieved favourable results for them in a wide variety of claims before a range of courts, including:

In Canada

  • Audit
  • Notice of Objection
  • Appeals
  • Competent Authority
  • Tax court informal procedure

In the U.S.

  • IRS Examinations/State Examinations
  • Protests
  • IRS Appeals
  • U.S. Tax Court
  • U.S. District Court
  • U.S. Court of Federal Claims
  • U.S. Court of Appeals

What Makes Mark Feigenbaum Unique

Mark Feigenbaum brings together many years of litigation experience with a deep knowledge of tax law, corporate law, accounting, finance, and other related practice areas. Mark can help you avoid the biggest risks that may arise in tax disputes.

Prior to founding his law firm, Mark worked in the cross-border tax department of an international Big 4 firm, and held accounting management positions across a variety of sectors in both Canada and the United States.

With tax legislation in constant flux on both sides of the border, Mark takes great care to stay current on all relevant developments in law and policy. He carefully considers all solutions available to craft a response that proactively considers the policies and best practices of a given tax authority.

Toronto Tax Lawyer Helping Clients Resolve Tax Disputes in Canada and the U.S.

If you are involved in a tax dispute or related litigation, contact Mark Feigenbaum for exceptional representation and guidance. Mark’s many years of interdisciplinary knowledge in law, tax, accounting, and finance and significant cross-border experience make him uniquely positioned to assist you. Mark offers services to clients in the U.S., Canada and around the world. Contact Mark online or call him at (905) 695-1269 or toll-free at (877) 275-4792 to book a consultation